Dear blog

I realize it is more than a month since I put up a single post here. By the look of it, you might deduce that I am probably ignoring you. I know that there is no excuse for not blogging. But frankly, life has been so busy and so full of things that sometimes trying to chronicle all the happenings seems overwhelming. This results in not at all doing what one is accustomed to – an irony indeed.

It seems a quirk that I am writing this letter to you. Probably, it is not too; more of my conscience that plays on my mind that I have ignored one of the most important things in my life. My acquaintance with you started at a point when I really was changing a lot of things in life and interacting with you all these years has helped me always.

Let me try making up to you. I plan to write more regularly and would want to have a whole month full of posts.

Wish me luck darling 🙂



PS: I am posting this in August for the month of July, 2008.