Faith Renewed

After you have put in all your efforts, there are times when you wonder why things are not in our control?

Why is everything going hay-way?

When will I be able to get things done?

Will anything ever work out for me? ….and so on and so forth, I suppose you get the drift.

It is in moments like this that I get my peace/answers in renewing my faith in my God. I had written a post on ‘mann‘ which means heart in Hindi. It is a beautiful verse written by the Late. Harivanshrai Bachhan.

If I had to translate this short poem (without lyrical sense) then it would mean…

If whatever you wish for, that happens then it is good

However, if whatever you wish for, if that doesn’t happen then its even better

Because when what your heart wishes for doesn’t happen

Then that happens which is in his heart

And that is much better than what you had ever wished for.

Last Saturday, was one such instance when something very nice and seemingly surreal happened – all because I had supreme faith in my God.


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