Eating habits

This Monday, my daughter started day care. She goes only for 2 days in a week, as I felt that she will enjoy some social interactions of her age and also have fun. Moreover, it gives me some time and she will learn to gradually wean off staying the whole day at home. Even if I am working from home or step out.

This was the very first time she was in the care of people outside the family. Yes, I was apprehensive as a mother, but not harried and worked up. Thankfully, she took it well and so did I. It is the wonderful temperament of most kids to be easily diverted and we are naturally wired to explore. There will always be actions and ways that have been learnt at home that will continue where ever she goes. I might want her to learn and evolve some, but there are some actions I think she is doing just fine in; such as saying a “thank you” when she takes something from me or anyone else.

One of the actions I don’t insist in her changing is despising eating with her hands. I want her to learn how to eat neatly with her hands and maintain the hygiene. I also want her to master eating with a spoon. The first thing I was asked about in her care was if she ate only with hands and this was asked with some part disgust. Though I didn’t give an explanation as to why she liked to eat with her hand and I didn’t mind as long as she ate and enjoyed her food, but I knew that most Westerners and in this Aussies don’t like to eat with their hands. In many of the conservative nations, other than middle east, some African countries and Indian region, eating with hand is not appreciated.

However, this is changing and people are beginning to realise that there are etiquette involved when eating with hand and only right hand and moreover, it adds a lot to the entire eating experience. As a child I was taught not to drop any food while eating with the hand. Wash my hands prior to eating. Not to let the entire hand, the palm to touch the food. Use only your right hand, even to break the roti/Indian bread. Only use the tips of the fingers and most importantly, take what is needed and never to leave/waste food. These eating habits and etiquette are as important to eating with your hand as it is with eating with cutlery. Moreover, something that my daughter needs to learn in order to appreciate her Indian culture in this world and be comfortable with it, where her next school could be in any country other than India.

I read an interesting article  in New York Times to support this and I am glad that people are beginning to look at eating from other non-western perspective too.  After all imagine struggling with a knife and fork to eat dosa or roti. It simply kills all the enthusiasm involved in eating.


Yun Hi

There are some excellent songs that our movies churn out. I love some for their music, some for their lyrics and some for the way they were sung and some more for the way they were filmed. Many a times, I have loved them many of these songs have been my favorites for either or of the above reasons. Very rarely, you find a song that meets all or most of the above criteria.

Yun hi, from Tanu weds Manu has checked all the boxes except for probably the way it was filmed. Rather, did the heroine for the way she acted and portrayed the character deserve this song!

But let’s forget about all that and concentrate on why is this song featured here.

I have a habit of listening over and over to good songs or the ones I take a major affinity to. This song surely happens to be an ethereal combination of Mohit Chauhan’s husky, wonderfully modulated voice along with Ujjaini, lyrics that were written with pure love by  Rajshekhar and music, oh so wonderfully and delicately composed by Krsna.

When you love a song, it is human to visualize those lyrics and more often than not associate with your own life. So, if I were to dedicate a song for my love, for the number of ways in which he loves me, then it would be this song.

Happy Birthday hubs!

Bas yun hi, aaj hume kuch likhne ka mann kia aur bas iss gaane ko sunte aap main kho gaye….

Who are the People who matter

This morning I received a mail from my friend, S with whom I have sent many a hour expounding and discussion practically everything under the sun. Those were the good old Infy days, when there was this set of people who shared interests and each had a view of his/her own. What makes these discussions particularly interesting is that it is not about agreeing/disagreeing with the speaker, however, it is about having a healthy discussion.

S’ complaint was that he could not just ping me or one of our gang members over the messenger and just share his thought/appreciate a song/ article/blog/anything of interest.

I have since realised that without good discussions, life becomes insipid. I feel the biggest dearth is when you cannot find, at least one person, to connect intellectually. Finding the right people around you all the time is now become a matter of luck. It is subject to a number of conditions and in this ever changing world, the parameters that vary are also numerous.

I suppose that is why all these social networking sites are thriving. People want to share, want to know what others say and here are platforms to do so. Come to think of it, personally, I do not like to share all these thoughts with everyone. As I feel that it may not be appreciated by all. But do I really have a choice in deciding who sees it and who don’t when I put up in a public forum? I suppose everything has its pros and cons.

So, who are the people who matter in your life with whom you would like to share your spectrum of thoughts?

You live for this!

Two years you put up with all the crap, clean poop, stay sleepless, give up all social contact with friends and anything else of your interest and are branded perpetually harried or eat like a barbarian. Rarely catch a chance to go to a salon and hardly maintain good hair style. Exercises and personal regime seem to go out of the window. Barely, catch movies in theatre, career goes haywire and a lot of such things happen. Your time is no longer yours, you are now working 24×7 without a holiday or break.

You begin to wonder, is it really worth it!

The answer to all this is ‘Yes’! You do need to go through all of the above and probably more and have a child in order to experience some very precious moments.

Today D came out with me into the balcony and I thought she would play as usual. In stead, she started picking up her washed clothes from the tub and started handing them out to me to hang. 😀

What can I say, am beaming!

There is a beautiful saying, ” Don’t count the moments, but count the moments that count.”

You surely live for this!