GMAIL’s new Look

I am thoroughly impressed with the new themes feature to the mails . Do check it out if you use GMAIL, both the login page as well as the themes section once you login.

But, I wonder what took them so long to come out with it; after all Orkut has had it for a while. But all said and done, I loved the change. 

I am a person who likes to change my look and things that I use and this change appeals a great lot to my senses. 😀



I did try to keep up the post a month for October, but got so terribly busy with my new job that I am yet to find time for anything apart from work. A phase and once I settle down, I can be much more regular. These days, one can find me out of home, in trains and with a lappy than being at home. Quite a rat-race! I miss my peace but seem to be enjoying this rush too 🙂