Unfathomable relations

Has this ever happened to you that you are friends, rather much more than that, for a long, long time and suddenly you realise that somewhere down the line, you have lost that spark?

There are some set of friends whom I value a lot. Being the person who finds it immensely difficult to express my feelings verbally, I may not always admit that these people matter. I have known these people for a really long time now. Some of them have even integrated with my family and yet, over the past couple of years there has been a distance. Something, that is not tangible but perceivable. Initially, this was very tough to accept, but then I do today.

People change with time, but I have maintained that the core should not. Self-perception has always intrigued me and I have remained forever concerned with it. I know from that that I have not changed at the core. But, then I see my once closest friends do not realise this and perceive me differently. Yes, they have changed, I can see that. Priorities change with time and things that once mattered most don’t seem to matter much. But then I am not very happy and convinced that this should cost me some of my most precious friendships.

There are some of my friends with whom I seem to maintain a continuum. Its like I speak to them after a month or sometimes half a year skips by and yet when we say that “hello”,the time lag seems to have shrunk. It doesn’t matter that we have not talked for a long time now, what matters is that in the now each know what the other means. There is a sense of relation and understanding. I have lost a friend due to what I might call quirks of life and not sure when can I ever talk to him again. I seem to have lost the other, but not physically. But the mental connection is not the same. The frequency or wavelength or the chemistry is starkly missing. Yup used a lot of scientific words. 🙂 But the fact remains that it hurts to know this.

Can anyone possibly answer why?

PS: I realised this after I posted, its a leap year and today is 29th. What an irony, if I just want this blog to be forgotten and lost !


Ninnu kori….

This beautiful composition from the Telugu movie Gharshana (1988) is a song that I love and it is one of the best expression of love for her lover .


 Six months to this date I was married and this is for my darling.

Love ya!


White world!

Weather is one of the most common topics that two strangers or people who have very less in common sought to. Well, all said and done one can always comment upon it. When Dad asks one to contact a distant cousin or family or friend, it is the easiest and more or less unwritten and yet customary to pry on general topics, weather being the favourite.

I did mention in one of my previous posts about how one remains forever obsessed with knowing what is in store and how is weather going to over the weekend, the next one week and so on and so forth. Mind you this only happens when we are out of India or broadly speaking – the tropics. Having lived in the tropics for all these years of my breathing life, I found the transition to these harsh climes of North America pretty welcoming. I was pretty geared for the fall and the winter that followed. This was the first time I would ever see snow and the prospect of it can excite anyone. It is now the end of February, the temperatures have been around 20-30F during daytime. Another snow fall today, just sent me to my wits end. The lack of Sunshine for days together depresses me.


White Car

There were times when I prayed to the Sun God to show some respite. 40C temperatures and dry heat was taxing, but now even to see the sun it takes many days. There is some sense of gloom associated with drowsiness and lethargy. Googled to find out that these kind of things are common in this season. Winter blues or in some advanced case termed as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): Winter Depression. There are some interesting things listed to fight them. Check out the sites below to know more about the scientific aspects of it and way to fight the blues.

SAD: http://www.ncpamd.com/seasonal.htm

Winter Blues : http://thyroid.about.com/od/relatedconditions1/a/winterblues.htm

The optimist in me nudges to look at the advantages to all this. Well, if one is married, winters can be interesting and cozy 😉 . I went for skiing and enjoyed it immensely. It sure is a great exercise; also, an undivided amount of time to read books and catch up watching fav movies. It is a time to cook some garam-garam samosas and many such.

The powdery snow has its own beauty and to make a snow-man with it is always nice. All in all, however depressing and constrained one may feel at times, the sublime purity of being engulfed in pure white is yet another God’s divine creations worth the experience.

It’s a white world out there, enjoy it.



White world -1

Happy Valentines’ Day!

This Valentines’ day is very special. It is the first of many (from personal point of view) and I can really go on talking about it. But I’m not here to share that. I think Valentines Day is a day to express our love, it can be to anybody so here I go…. 

There can be different kinds of love and as unique is each person, so is their love; it is special in their own way. I have a number of people among my family and friends, whom I value and love them a lot. Am sure I have expressed this in a number of my previous posts. There is one thing that I realized recently that I cannot survive without: reading. When I mean reading, it means the books from my favourite authors. 

Water, oxygen, my coterie and books are what I really need to survive. If for some reason I haven’t been able to pick up those books for a long period, there is a great sense of loss which can only be relieved by yes, reading a book. 

This Valentines’ Day, I would like to let you know about some of my favourite authors and some of the best books I read.

I have read this book over and over again a zillion times and have always felt the same thrill. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is one of her remarkable works. Centuries might fly past, but people at the core remain the same. The intricate web of family ties, the relations and the divide between the rich and the poor never change. I love this book for all its characters and for the most delicate way everything is handled.


One day, rummaging through my aunt’s book closet I found this author’s book; reluctant Widow by Georgette Heyer. There was something about the book and the title that made me inquisitive enough to read it. If anyone has ever reproduced regency era and written the dialogues between the lead characters with more wit then I can relinquish my love for her. She is absolutely enchanting and just transports one to the land of the Regency period. A must read for all those who enjoy classics. Please try, even otherwise. 🙂

The simplicity of his writings and as-a-matter-of-fact descriptions of the most commonplace and equally complex characters makes William Somerset Maugham one of my favourites. He is splendid. His short stories are compelling and almost always have an excellent twist in the end. His books are always a delight and thought-provoking. There is one thing I have learnt from him, the toughest way to write is to keep it simple.

There are a number of other writers and authors whose books I have enjoyed immensely. I would highly recommend, No full stops in India by Mark Tully, Jeffrey Archers for a lovely breeze of a ride, Robert Ludlums for some fast pace dramas, Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind, Ayn Rand for the immortal Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged and many more. But let me come to the one author who simply is immortal and is one of the reasons for me to start this blog.

Pelham Grenville Wodehouse is God for me. That is probably the simplest way of putting it. Whenever I feel I am down in the lowest and gloomiest of dumps, I just have to pick up a Wodehouse to successfully revive myself. The Jeeves and Blandings stories are simply superb. Can anyone portray such fine degree of wit and humour with such dexterity and simplicity? None! The closest I came across was Jerome K Jerome’s Three men in a boat (To say nothing of the dog). One has to simply read his short stories or his novels to experience the God himself. Unfortunately there aren’t many who read books these days and even less who read P.G. A sad plight is how my old flesh and blood and I would put it. Wodehouse died on February 14, 1975 but his books remain with people like us forever.

Wodehouse it is you that I dedicate this day!

PS: This post is inspired  and dedicated to one of the greatest of fans of Wodehouse, dear Uncle Emsworth.

Angela   🙂

The wired life!

Everything these days is automated, electronic and somehow or the other twinged to reduce human effort/intervention. I have absolutely no complains about the new inventions. After all they make my life easy. But, do you notice something, every such electrical gadget has to come with a wire, usually black. TV needs power supply, a wire here, the cable for the thousands of channels that we never see, again has another big wire. The laptop has the option for wireless internet, but the router needs the power connection and hence the wire, and yes the laptop, that needs a wire too. Thankfully the TV remote does not. Yes, yes, we have made great progress from the days when electrical lines used to run over the walls, I still remember my old home in my childhood, where it was done in that fashion. There are a number of other things that have come up in the recent past that can operate using the wireless technology and I am not unaware of them.

But, for a person who is trying to keep her home neat and clean, these wires have now become a necessary evil. In a way they bring out the creativity out of an individual is what I feel. These wires give us an opportunity to utilise our brain to come up with contraptions that will help us conceal them or make them look less obvious. In our small apartment, my husband and I have tried hard to conceal a huge chunk of those necessary evils – wires. It all started many days back when I tried to clean my home. Somehow, I always felt that the hall looked really untidy and whatever I do, it never ever seemed to be looking prim. At the heart of the problem lay the chunk of black and white wires, running all along. It then kind of struck like a jolt of lightening. Ma’s words came running back to me. She used to remind us time and again to wrap up those wires when we were done. I can now strongly emphathize with her feelings.

Anyways, back to our small home, we did manage to conceal the bunch of wires. Used some coloured paper to put as screens and in the process induced colour into our rather white and boring looking apartment. (The rent restrictions make it too much of a botheration to paint the walls.) Let me confess, we still have some set of wires that are still to be seen out. I suppose we can’t hide everything. But, its now much better and tidy. Ah! so wires also lead to good teamwork and helps in relationship bonding. After all my husband and I were working collectively toward a certain cause that plagued the two of us :).  It takes me back to another aspect, my degree in Electrical engineering, how co-incidental. Now that I think of it, sometimes I used to be irked by the bunch of wires found in the labs too. I suppose my aversion to bunches of electrical wires is dated. Well, there is another thing that I strongly have come to conclude, never take the electrical connections lightly. When you decide to do your home, make sure you plan the connections and points ahead. If you don’t, trust me they would create a havoc later in your well-planned home.

However weird this may be, our lives are wired and connected in a number of ways with all these modern contraptions…so live an Electric life!