The Beauty of a Perfect Fit

Among many things that make me happy, one thing that gets me is the when something or an event fits perfectly. The fit could be a good dress that makes you look fab or an event or series of events that pan out better than you had ever expected. You might say, who wouldn’t like that! Well, it depends. Most people are happy when things turn out to be better than your expectations (only if they are aware something so wonderful has happened) and many others might delight a good fit. I couldn’t be sure of the percentage and yes the intersection of these two sets is also a possibility I cannot rule out – as I believe I fall in this category.

Having digressed enough, I am here talking about more mundane stuff and nothing profound – so I here to talk about a perfectly fitting dress. 🙂

My sense of dressing and the taste is something I inherit from my mom and it has surely improved with time. Apart from genetic advantage, my dear friend Di has taught me lot in her own way. I still miss our shopping adventures and choices and debates on dresses and well getting those dresses to perfect fit. The secret is that however, endowed you may be, wearing a good fit and mind you, not a crushing, body hugging one, will always enhance the way you look.

With time, Di and I were not able to meet as often as we liked and I started depending on my hubs and then came another lady, with an undying sense of style, colour and fit. She has sometimes sounded mad about it too, but then Dee is Dee or A, as I call her. She also became that excellent companion who made things right for me and further fine-tuned things for me.

They say, one evolves with time and I would say, in terms of dressing I have evolved too and yes the process continues.

It is one my long cherished ambitions, especially after pregnancy, to fit into a nice suit and well not look at myself and feel a tad sad. Well, I don’t get way too bogged down by my size, but I do not have a complete apathy to it too. So coming back to the perfect fit, I finally achieved about 50% of what I wanted and I am happy at my progress.

So you see, the joy had to be shared and yes, please wish me luck to achieve my target 🙂



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