Using GMAIL’s Labels & Filters – To Organize Mails Better

Using GMAIL’s Labels & Filters – To Organize Mails Better

Well, I knew these features were part of the GMAIL for a long time now, but the last heartless attempt towards finding more about them, just bombed. Like an ignorant soul, I always wondered why the GMAIL had no folders, unlike other mail setups. Folders, I felt were the easiest to use. Having worked with MS Outlook Express for many years now, I just used to set the filters and voila, the mails would go into the respective folders. I suppose, I probably had the largest number of folders in my Outlook Express – like to keep things organized, because you don’t when someone might want something. In my GMAIL, I have been able to manage, thanks to the highly powerful Google Search concept that is part of its GMAIL too.

Some advantages of using Labels and Filters

GMAIL has contrived to form an excellent combination of these two (labels and filters) that give the user the ability to separate and organize mails just like folders. In fact, much better and less cumbersome is what I feel.

It is very easy to setup and one need not be technologically extremely savvy to use them.

With GMAIL’s unending storage capacity, one can easily get lost in the maze of mails and the labels come in most handy to effectively track the mails – long after they have arrived in your mailbox.

The best part is that there is no limit on the number of labels and filters you want to create.

Using Labels and filters

Create a Label: From the settings menu, or by simply clicking on the Labels drop down, you can create a label.

Enter the name that you want for the label and click Create.

The label is created.

Check out the Google Help link for other actions on labels:

I am not explaining the rest of the delete/rename options of Labels, as the primary object here is to use Labels as Folders.

The next step would be to create the filter.

Create a Filter:  From your mail box, click on the link – Create a filter (at the top of the page)

  •  One can sort the incoming mails based on
  •  From
  • To
  • Subject
  • Has the words
  • Doesn’t have
  • Has attachment

You can do a test search, to verify if your filter criterion is correct and then proceed to the next step.

The next step requires you to choose the action that you want the filter to do.

  • Skip the inbox (Archive it) – You need to check this option, when using filters
  • Mark as read
  • Star it
  • Apply the label  – Choose the label that you created earlier from the dropdown
  • Forward it to
  • Delete it
  • Never send it to spam

Before you hit the last button – Create Filter – if you wish to add the existing mails to this label, then click on Apply this to existing mails.

If you have more than one sender whose mails need to be added to the same label, create another filter. At least GMAIL has no limit on the number of filters one can create, unlike MS Outlook Express. 

One of the primary aspects of Time Management is to stay organized. In this ever changing, highly competitive, wired world, where everything works over mails and calls, it is all the more important to organize your mailbox better.

Enjoy the power of folders, oops, Labels in GMAIL and stay organized.



It has been a long time since I went ahead and used I.E or the famous Microsoft Internet Explorer. I.E was the first browser I ever used and back then it took me time to understand what a browser did or how it should work. When I used it recently, it was more of a compulsion, as one of the links I used opened automatically in I.E.

There is simply one word for the whole experience – deplorable!

I.E stinks and a lot at that. Every single second there is a pop up about something or the other – mind you not site pop-ups, but I.E pop-ups. It is simply painful to use it.

Long time ago, I had shifted to Mozilla Firefox and found it much faster and far better than I.E at any rate. The automatic video download add-ons etc, make Mozilla extremely good. Personally, I would use it any day.

But what has taken me completely off my feet is Google’s Chrome. Yes, it is worth every KB of download 🙂 I love the no-nonsense, clutter free interface. Also as Google’s search is something I simply live on, it absolutely convenient to simply type the search requirement in the address bar.

Recently, my sister introduced Chrome to my dad. He is an out and out engineer and all this while tried his hand on ‘hard’ technology and these days he has dedicated to the softer side of technology. Having shifted him from Yahoo to GMAIL and then adding Chrome to his kitty bag, he seems a happy man.

I know, Google should pay me some money for all this advertising ;), but the fact remains that it is:
1) Google’s ease of use
2) Free access
That I feel have won my heart. 🙂

PS: I have been a sloth at posting, I think I figured out a way to get rid of this. Hence, some more post should be on your way.

GMAIL’s new Look

I am thoroughly impressed with the new themes feature to the mails . Do check it out if you use GMAIL, both the login page as well as the themes section once you login.

But, I wonder what took them so long to come out with it; after all Orkut has had it for a while. But all said and done, I loved the change. 

I am a person who likes to change my look and things that I use and this change appeals a great lot to my senses. 😀