You’ve got mail!

This Sunday night, D and I stumbled upon the movie ‘You’ve got mail!’ being shown on one of the movie channels. It was but natural to stay up and finish watching the movie. We started viewing it because my usual love for such rom-coms and well I also adore Meg Ryan in this character.

The primary characters in this movie begin their relationship over emails and form a bond that is far stronger than any of their real relationships. To put it in Meg’s words

” The odd thing about this form of communication is that you’re more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings.”

This is incidentally how S & I met for the first time and started communicating virtually. As we are at the brink of completing the 7th year of this milestone before we moved to non-virtual means of communication, it was a moment of truth for me. It is probably in my own way to re-live those initial days of anticipation – waiting for an email or a possible future together that continues to draw me to this movie.

7 years later, very little has changed and some things are better left that way. To findings and some memorable beginnings….

Over the rainbow

Love you sweetheart.


Chasme Badoor

As the year comes to an end, the recent news of demise of one of India’s finest movie stars shook me out of my self-imposed exile from my blog. Books and movies have always had effect on people, but it is not very often that one can associate so deeply with someone one has never met or known personally and feel their loss so deeply.

I enjoyed watching Chasme Badoor, Saath Saath, Katha, Umrao Jaan.. and many more of his wonderful movies. Most of these movies ‘are’ so good and connect with the reality.  Farooque Shaikh with his acting – completely grounded and simple is brilliant. Till date, there hasn’t been a single character played by him which I didn’t like. It is the simplicity and not the larger than life image that he carried that is endearing.  Few years ago, I had the opportunity to watch the play ‘Aapki Soniya’, a sequel to the popular play ‘Tumhari Amrita’. It was Farooque Shaikh and Sonali Bendre on stage and needless to say it was a wonderful experience.

Couple of days ago when I read about the death of Farooque Shaikh, it took me a while to digest and last evening while reading about him from his dear friends, the reality of it started sinking in. I am glad I got the opportunity to see him perform in person and now wish that I had tried to see the prequel Tumhari Amrita…
It is in honor of a true artist that I cannot bring myself to use ‘past tense’. Also, I will ensure D develops an interest to appreciate the subtle comedy that keeps the colors of life alive and enables one to share it with just the few who live by it.

My journey with books

The dark ages – Up to my 8th class, I never realised the wonder of books. I was coaxed, requested, ordered to read books as my father’s side of the family is what I used to call them ‘book bees’, as I didn’t know the term book worm existed. This was the era when I couldn’t understand why people read books.

Enlightenment – Times change and so do people, I am known among my close friends as the person who loves books and with a set of my close friends I enjoy some wonderful conversations on books of various genres. The motivation to read books came in when my scores in English language in school were dropping and I picked my first Enid Blyton in 8th (yes, pretty late in life). I went on to discover couple of wooden boxes full of some priceless classics. Our school curriculum was fantastic and we were lucky to have Ms. Rebeiro as our English teacher who brought Shakespeare’s As you like it alive in the class, along with some excellent collection of poems from ‘Flights of Fancy’.

I was encouraged by my folks. Mom is an excellent story teller and she described one of her favourite books, Jeffrey Archer’s As the Crow Flies, to me in vivid detail. This sealed the deal and I made my transition to adult novels. I suddenly was able to relate to my paternal grandmother a lot better. We discussed David Copperfield and she gave me her copy of Anna Karenina. This was engineering and there was no turning back. I never remember travelling without a book from then on.

Present day – Marriage slowed things down with priorities creeping in, but my daughter’s arrival brought things to such a stand still which I had never imagined. It was unprecedented and I didn’t touch a book for close to a year. Sleep took a priority over other things in life.

A’s gift of a kindle brought back what my soul was craving for. And yesterday, thanks to my cousin ‘A’, I revisited my personal collection of books and realised exactly what makes me so happy.

The feeling is simply superb and I am sure all my friends who share my passion second it.

Lots n potty!

2012 was momentous as D finally understood the concept of potty training. The best part of it was that for all the slight tension or apprehension I suffered, when the summer came to this part of the hemisphere, she was ready to let go of her nappies with considerable ease. It was simply the timing and the help lent by her childcare teacher – Mr.Hank and the rest of the staff.

What followed it were some hilarious moments with discussions and observations made by D on her potty. Every time she did her potty, it was followed by a new observation accompanied by a beaming smile –

1. “Amma, lots n lots potty!”

2. “Nanna, its making  splashes!”

3. “Its round and round”

so on so forth which can easily gross out many and for the folks with a little more levity on potty jokes bring out an instant smile 🙂


Atop the tower for V day

For whatever bizarre or may be not-so-bizarre reason Valentine’s Day was started and keeping up with the spirit of it I follow the herd. Well, why not – it is just another day when I tell the people I love what they mean to me. Another day out of the busy schedules when there is some opportunity to do something for the person you love (time/schedule permitting). Yeah, I may not really sound very romantic, but trust me, my “I love you”s have positively become so mundane with hubs that I thought things should be expressed a little differently.

So, here you go Ayals,

Happy Valentine's Day hubs!
Happy Valentine’s Day hubs!

2012 – The year that was

When I look at today’s date, 31 December 2012, I wonder how quickly has this year swung by. It has been a busy one indeed and a mixed bag with some great and not so great moments.

As always, the events of this year can be divided into two categories – personal and things happening around us.

Personal front –

‘D’ loved her first year at school and more importantly is potty trained and has learnt some of the Ps and Qs that are so required to in this world- yes my achievements in this area are not about what she can recite and remember, but how well can she deal with her world.

Hubs has had a mixed bag on the career front, with a peaceful ending towards the year end.

I have worked on some interesting projects and hope to find better ones suiting my calibre in the next year.

This year has also been good in terms of exploring Australia – Cairns, Melbourne, New Zealand and finally ending with a trip with Gold Coast and Sydney surrounds. It sure is a beautiful country, but on the same front expensive beyond the actual value for some bizarre reason. Living away from home makes one tolerant and it surely seems to have done that to me.

Staying away from home makes one miss it and with the recent horrific incident it brings to question if I would want my daughter to grow up in India. Running away will not answer and I would want her to grow up to defend herself. Also, maintaining the optimism that some of the archaic rules that have been conveniently forgotten by the politicians be amended to provide a secure living for each Indian.

On this note I sign-off this year’s blog posts and wish all a happy and prosperous new year 2013.

There is light at the end of the tunnel - so is hope for a change for a better world.
There is light at the end of the tunnel – so is hope for a change for a better world.