Manasa Pamaraju


The eyes, say it all.
The eyes, say it all.

I am…

Smart, Ambitious, Happy & Seemingly Conventional.


I believe…


There are those that say that the most beautiful thing on the dark earth is a multitude of horsemen,

Others say it is an armada of ships.

But I say it is the one you love.

–Sappho, Fragment 16

I write…

What I love, admire and believe in.

My blog is also a place where I share my love for nature, art and most importantly the love for the written word – that drives me to continue to unravel.


5 thoughts on “Manasa Pamaraju

  1. The eyes say it all.. But the picture of ur eyes fall short of sayin it all.. Cos of the focal blur u’ve used 🙂 So i’d rather rely on ur writings to get a feel of wat teh eyes were supposed to say 😉

  2. manasa.. hello! hope you remember me – followed your blogs a while ago. just revisited – so you’re in australia now?! where abouts?? i stay in adelaide… should catch up if possible 🙂 hope things are all going well.

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