To one of the Greatest teachers in Electrical Engineering!

It is said that what matters is not quantity but quality- Well, I am proud to have been taught by one of the best teachers ever in Electrical Engineering.

He taught me Network Theory and Laplace transforms for just two hours in my first year of Engineering and I did fabulously well in those exams. He once explained a concept in second year and life seemed so simple after that. The beauty in his teaching was in the simplicity with which he explained, he came down to the level of the student, never berated one for lack of knowledge and brought in his own devised ways to explain the fundamental concept. Once he taught the concept, I could work on my own and do well. That is the hallmark of a great teacher.

Fortunately, my uncle and one of the greatest minds I have known. He was a teacher beyond words.

He is no more with us today in person, but will always be remembered and cherished with everyone who has known him and more so by those who have been taught by him.



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