One of my close friends, the primary reason who gave me the confidence to come to Sydney has relocated to India for a short time.  With her here, I haven’t really thought or put in much effort to make any friends here. The comfort with her and now her hubs is so much that the first person I can think of calling here is her – for anything. Then why bother going through all this process again!

Just being lazy, but pray, don’t take me to be anti-social. 😉

A’s daughter, I and my D hit it off very well too. They are a year apart and have now learnt to play together. It was indeed tough to picture that they wouldn’t have each other to play with over the weekends.

My quandary is always about what to say or not to say in farewells. I am pretty bad at expressing my feelings openly and hugs don’t really come naturally to me. But then, what would you say, in farewells? Mind you – this question only exists for those chosen few 😉 Yes, I am quite a detached soul otherwise.

The fact that we will miss them and they shouldn’t go and how terrible it would be without them and all… I suppose not, this would make the person who is leaving feeling pretty down in the dumps.

The hope of meeting again – at some time in the future – seems like the statutory warning 🙂

I am yet to find a concrete answer.

I thought that A’s daughter I, showed it beautifully. They were leaving and about to take the lift, when she ran back to where D and I were standing and she gave her friend a tight hug and went back running to her parents with a big smile and bye. Her mom’s eyes were moist.

It was so cute and indescribable in words that this clip would remain in my memory and one of the fondest farewells.

Sometimes, words can’t say much, it just has to be felt and a simple hug can do the trick.


3 thoughts on “Farewells!

  1. Superb! How I wish even ‘G’ has a similar place in your heart as ‘A’! And who says you are not expressive with such super hit blog posts?

  2. Aww make me cry… go ahead and make me cry more… Farewells are so bloody hard… I wish one would never have to do it again! But such is life… Anyways, as you said – its the hope of meeting again that does sustain one!

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