What is in a woman’s handbag?

Many men who couldn’t keep their inquisitive nature to themselves, have asked me  about what do I have in my handbag. The first time I heard that question,  it did get me wondering suspiciously. I was soon told about the enigma that men have with a woman’s handbag 🙂 Hubs has had his questions too and probable answers – I hope. 😉 

Honestly, I wouldn’t like to give anyone my handbag and let them delve through it. Like all this personal and handbag to a woman is sacred. It has a whole lot of things in it that define the woman carrying it. Starting from looks, colour, size, design, brand and then to what is she carrying in it.

I am yet to meet a woman who would say a no to another handbag, even if she has a hundred in her closet. 🙂 I love all the hand bags I have and yet would like to have that another one that I saw in the shop. With the luggage restrictions I wasn’t able to bring many to Australia and it does hit me as a handicap 🙂 Not being able to change bags. My recent visit to Melbourne got a lovely red one from my sis – I love it 🙂

But what am I getting to saying is that just like clothes a hnd bag needs to make a statement. At least it has to in my case. The one and a half years that my daughter was still needing a whole lot of paraphernalia, I didn’t have a hand bag, however, my darling  friend T, sent me a very impressive diaper bag. Once again – had to have a bag that makes a statement. 🙂

Coming back to the question of what do I have in it – well, it will surely hold a wallet ( I might have to write another post on the efficacy of good wallets), my phone, hair comb/brush, moisturizers, snacks, emergency purpose stuff and a lot more – a man will need to delve into the hand bag to see, a woman might understand what else could be there 🙂

So that’s what that can be there in a woman’s hand bag and much, much more – Just like the myriad shades a woman dones, so would be the contents of her bag. To all the valuable women in my life – thanks for being there and enjoy your handbags, who cares what others have to say 🙂



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