Half a decade ago….

The story started with an innocent, dull and very civil email.

It was the very first time this day that I had made my first contact with a man who, if things worked out, could be my future husband. As destiny would have it, he responded to my email in a manner that made me very happy. It was a long, flawlessly written email and my first reaction to it was – “He knows English!” Yes, as biased it may sound, I needed my partner to communicate in English as fluently I could and this was non-negotiable.

To add to that list, I had a lot of other things too. But now that I think about how our 15 day email exchange moved to telephone calls and eventually at the end of three weeks we bothΒ happened I to say a “Yes” to each other, I honestly did not check a number of things. In this case, I just let my heart decide and by God’s grace it worked!

One of hubs’ close friend had once asked me about what was it that you wanted in a guy and how did hubs qualify πŸ™‚ It was the first time I actually had said this to someone outside, but my answer was simple – “He had surpassed all that I wanted in a guy. There was really nothing else I wanted in my partner.”

I suppose it was the same conviction that led me to enjoy our courtship and later our wedding day and which continues to work in our marriage too. It is so tough to keep a relationship going strong for years and years. We have had our ups and downs and been mad with each other. But all in all, I couldn’t have asked for someone else who takes care of me, respects my family, friends and my interests and adores our daughter (I know I need not mention the last one), but I honestly couldn’t have managed taking care of our daughter without hubs.

So here is a big hug and loads of kissies for the romantic month of March that will be for us.


2 thoughts on “Half a decade ago….

  1. We have always worried about finding a befitting bride to our blue eyed boy…and here you are who won all our hearts too besides his…May your lives brim with love and happiness πŸ™‚

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