Yun Hi

There are some excellent songs that our movies churn out. I love some for their music, some for their lyrics and some for the way they were sung and some more for the way they were filmed. Many a times, I have loved them many of these songs have been my favorites for either or of the above reasons. Very rarely, you find a song that meets all or most of the above criteria.

Yun hi, from Tanu weds Manu has checked all the boxes except for probably the way it was filmed. Rather, did the heroine for the way she acted and portrayed the character deserve this song!

But let’s forget about all that and concentrate on why is this song featured here.

I have a habit of listening over and over to good songs or the ones I take a major affinity to. This song surely happens to be an ethereal combination of Mohit Chauhan’s husky, wonderfully modulated voice along with Ujjaini, lyrics that were written with pure love by  Rajshekhar and music, oh so wonderfully and delicately composed by Krsna.

When you love a song, it is human to visualize those lyrics and more often than not associate with your own life. So, if I were to dedicate a song for my love, for the number of ways in which he loves me, then it would be this song.

Happy Birthday hubs!

Bas yun hi, aaj hume kuch likhne ka mann kia aur bas iss gaane ko sunte aap main kho gaye….


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