Who are the People who matter

This morning I received a mail from my friend, S with whom I have sent many a hour expounding and discussion practically everything under the sun. Those were the good old Infy days, when there was this set of people who shared interests and each had a view of his/her own. What makes these discussions particularly interesting is that it is not about agreeing/disagreeing with the speaker, however, it is about having a healthy discussion.

S’ complaint was that he could not just ping me or one of our gang members over the messenger and just share his thought/appreciate a song/ article/blog/anything of interest.

I have since realised that without good discussions, life becomes insipid. I feel the biggest dearth is when you cannot find, at least one person, to connect intellectually. Finding the right people around you all the time is now become a matter of luck. It is subject to a number of conditions and in this ever changing world, the parameters that vary are also numerous.

I suppose that is why all these social networking sites are thriving. People want to share, want to know what others say and here are platforms to do so. Come to think of it, personally, I do not like to share all these thoughts with everyone. As I feel that it may not be appreciated by all. But do I really have a choice in deciding who sees it and who don’t when I put up in a public forum? I suppose everything has its pros and cons.

So, who are the people who matter in your life with whom you would like to share your spectrum of thoughts?


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