You live for this!

Two years you put up with all the crap, clean poop, stay sleepless, give up all social contact with friends and anything else of your interest and are branded perpetually harried or eat like a barbarian. Rarely catch a chance to go to a salon and hardly maintain good hair style. Exercises and personal regime seem to go out of the window. Barely, catch movies in theatre, career goes haywire and a lot of such things happen. Your time is no longer yours, you are now working 24×7 without a holiday or break.

You begin to wonder, is it really worth it!

The answer to all this is ‘Yes’! You do need to go through all of the above and probably more and have a child in order to experience some very precious moments.

Today D came out with me into the balcony and I thought she would play as usual. In stead, she started picking up her washed clothes from the tub and started handing them out to me to hang. πŸ˜€

What can I say, am beaming!

There is a beautiful saying, ” Don’t count the moments, but count the moments that count.”

You surely live for this!



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