Growing up!

Two years ago around this time I was wondering when this little thing inside me would be out. I was not in the most comfy circumstances and three days later my life changed completely.

It is just never the same once you become a parent. Life is suddenly all about this little creature – cute, cranky, playing, pooping and so on. It took me a considerable time to get used to what hit me 🙂 Yes, what hit me. People usually tell you how nice it is to have a baby, but no one really prepares you for those not so very nice times. I am not complaining, but just saying that it sure is nice to know and be prepared.

But then fast forwarding to the present…..

I can proudly say, I haven’t just been there and done that – I have braved that and done that as well as I could. It is a mixed bag and I did enjoy and pull my hair in sheer madness/boredom and desperation. I also made it pretty tough for all the folks around me and my husband gets special accolades for all the supports. Frankly, I couldn’t have done it without him.

Leaving a full time job and spending my time in taking care of a creature who wouldn’t know reason and has her own time table and rules. There is not a moment’s respite and absolutely no delays allowed in the schedule. An extremely demanding job that makes full time job a breeze. It has not been easy at all in any which way.

The huggies and kissies and the continuous prattle (sometime making sense and sometimes absolutely incoherent) dressing her up and many, many more innumerable episodes have made all these things worth my time. Achieving those milestones from the first time she could start holding her neck, rolling over, crawling, standing up, walking, first word, climbing up, eating and more recently prattling – have been sheer joy that words can never explain! We have many more milestones and battles to win and we will be there in time.

Why am I saying all this? Because, I see my little one turning two in three days. I wonder at how time has blown past and what a joy and trouble she has been through the last two years. 🙂

How quickly has she grown up to be a such a feisty toddler! 🙂


One thought on “Growing up!

  1. That was soooooooo sweet. Reminds me that it is Nihar’s Birthday too…hmm the terrible teens…never mind I am all geared for that and have faith to sustain me enough to say that “this too shall pass”:)

    Good Post…..keep them coming Manasa,

    lots of love,

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