Girl Friends

In this increasing busy and uncertain life which seems to run faster than we can cope it is good to know that you can rely on some very few things and people who are always there for (in spite of being spread across the world and divided by hemispheres).

I am talking about my other support system which is equally and sometimes even has been more important than my family. It is increasingly becoming necessary to have another piece/pieces of you with whom you can share your joys and sorrows unabashedly. They are my girl friends.

As a part of my support system apart from mom and sis, I have roughly more than a dozen chosen pieces of me: the women who are there for ‘me’. I call them ‘pieces of me’ because they reflect a lot of my thoughts and actions which make me what I am and have their unique characteristics which make them so great. They understand the reason behind my cribs, my frustrations, we deal with men and their idiosyncrasies, babies and tantrums and even much before that marriage required or not kinda questions. So the range of off-loading varies from a one of day’s blues – bad day at work -bad fight with someone – life threatening crisis, etc. to the many joyous achievements and occasions life puts in.

In order to function sanely, I feel this support is absolutely required and a must. This post is dedicated to all those women without whom life would never be the same as it is right now.

Thanks for being there!


2 thoughts on “Girl Friends

  1. True! I do have a few girl+friends.. Kinda specialized life support systems.. One to share the lill joys of life, one to share the occasional emotional trauma, and one as a punching bag, n so on.. Coming to think of it, they do form a very effective life support system, saving me everytime i m on the verge of sanity!

    P.S : Found ur blog/UNravel randomly, n commented uninvited.. hope u don mind 🙂

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