We see complexities in every aspect of our lives and decisions that we need to take seem to be unending. I suppose that is a cross that we all have to bear. But the real difference lies in the way we accept those decisions in our lives. Whether those decisions are made by us left to choose or are forced on us, the end result and the way we shape our lives from there on is entirely in our own hands.

I do not like people who blame someone else for the failures in their lives. Sure you don’t always dedicate your success to others, so why blame at every failure?

The answer is because it is always easier to blame someone else for your failure than own it up for the mess you have created. In most normal circumstances, I believe that there is no real situation which cannot be salvaged or used to our advantage. It is just the perspective and the will to make use of the situation that matters.

I had come across some ‘characters’ who do not own up for what they do and some others who go beyond their limit to help them. It is weird how life plays out things and today I am in a particularly philosophical mood which makes me want to sit and muse about these supposed big things or nothings in life.

Looking at my daughter go around her little needs in a care free manner, it really makes you want to go back to a stage where you didn’t have to bother/worry/care for anything at all. Even now, I want to achieve that carefree existence given some responsibilities and sans most of the complexities. Again a matter of perspective I think. 🙂

One element of complexity in our life comes from our work/money matters and another one stems from the way your closest relations behave with you. I wouldn’t advise anyone to be an altruist nor a selfish, but draw a mid-line. Increasing number of people are drawn to extremities and more so to the later. I see it is a perspective thing for them and also for us to deal with them, but the solution for such a thing is not very clear.

As I mentioned above, this post is neither meant to be preachy or questioning. It is what it is – musing about the complexities involved in our lives.




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