Rekindled Love

In the mire of mundane necessities, very often we forget to love and value the most important people in our lives. One way of rekindling that love would be if our loved ones stay away from us for a short period. When we meet them, the meeting is always sweet; it brings back memories in its own manner.

Recently, I had two such instances which made me take a moment as we say, smell the flowers.

The recent Bryan Adams’ concert brought back some wonderful songs and along with it some wonderful memories. The man himself was less than 2feet away and the husky voice with a live band was simply superb. I found myself dancing and thoroughly enjoying a number – uninterruptedly after a very long time. His voice even at his age is just too good. I suppose its natural that if you really enjoy a song you will always have some kind of memories that you can associate with it. Every time we hear the song those beautiful memories come rushing back. If no memories, then at least the lovely, dreamy, happy feelings fill in and then you realise – what have I been doing all this while. Why didn’t I bother to listen to these songs and a little later why didn’t I take a moment and spend some quality time with those people I love?

Another instance which can bring back memories and make one stop in this perennial rat race is a good movie. I saw one today – Roman Holiday, starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, it just can’t get better than this. I can’t imagine any other two people who could play the part better. I also realized that whatever one’s age, a good romance touches every heart. I know that our movies are full of it, but if dealt well, a good romance is always a hit. As humans we thrive on it. Many may not accept it, but if the romance and the chemistry is portrayed in some form or the other (movies, books or music) each one of us loves it. Roman Holiday is a masterpiece and one great way to rekindle the flame which is probably burning low.

Thanks to all the hype of Valentine’s day, at least there is a reason for us to do something differently- take a moment and rekindle love.

Happy month of love!


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