Most days run past with least concern towards what is happening in the country or world at large. It is pitiable at times but then it is something for which one cannot be taken to task. Well for one, I come under the category of a common (wo)man who belongs to the middle class income level (or may be lower, with the inflation)  of this world. I have my own worries and interests to cater to. I have a desire to earn more for my loved ones and to have a house of my own. As far as I see it, it is not a sin to be selfish. Yes, our scriptures and culture per se preache altruism, but then if it was being practiced in earnest, India would have been lot better.

After my stint in the US, I feel even more bad at the state of my homeland. But let us talk about some of the positives first. I came back home to a lovely airport with a runway that is longest in the Asian sub-continent (till a little while ago) which made a perfect touchdown an every day’s job. The Hyderabad airport reminded me of the some of the international airports that I have been to in the recent past. It goes to show what privatization can achieve, if left in capable hands and with corruption kept at bay. The Konkan Railway and the Delhi Metro are some of the other stellar examples. The optimist in me is delighted to see all this happen and has a hope that yes, India would be a super power. But the realist in me asks time and again as to how is this going to happen. I have lived in a Super power and seen their infrastructure and facilities. The common man is untouched by corruption. The smallest of the Universities have facilities that can attract one to start studying all over again.

How long then will it take for India to achieve this? We see people who have never stepped out of India, proclaim the smallest milestone in development to be the fact that India would be a super power. Are we really making that kind of progress? I know I sound so pessimistic, but then dealing with the high inflation, ultra crazy traffic on the roads, insane prices of onions and other basic needs makes me wonder many a times, if I want my daughter to grow up here. As long as we have nothing to do with any government entity, life seems fine, but when we have to get in touch with the ‘sarkaari’ places there is an extreme amount of disgust within. I was never this person to compare India, but when I know the possibilities and realize what all can be achieved it gets frustrating.For a country with a large amount of land available for cultivation and agriculture, it is a pity that the farmers have to commit suicide. All this brouhaha about development seems to be untouched in the areas where it matters most. Technology and development are alien words in most of Indian villages and many have no access to even the most basic amenities that we- the lucky few take for granted.

I am in awe of all those entrepreneurs who built empires in spite of all the problems they had to face – how did these people do it? On the brighter side, we probably have it easier than the previous generation and with determination a change on an enormous scale is possible.

It is a month into the New Year but I would like to hope and wish, each one of us achieves our personal milestones and also work towards making our country a better place. By the end of this year, I hope we get closer towards becoming a true super power.


2 thoughts on “Ruminations…

  1. No, wait – End of this year? Superpower?

    From pessimism, we swing to extreme optimism, eh? 🙂 To quote a cliche, its a journey and not a destination blah blah.

    If you look at this picture (, you pretty much realise we are not getting there anytime soon.

    Mobile revolution, Internet revolution, Infrastructure et al. are contributing towards a better standard of living – not Superpower.

    Of course, we can get philosophical and say, why does anyone want to become a Superpower and what exactly does a Superpower mean? But let’s refrain ourselves from that.

    With population exploding as it is, in a exponential fashion, we should be more worried about food on the table for the vast majority of the population, than of any other great ambition. The choice always is and will be, do you want to be a part of this struggle or do you choose to observe the struggles that come along with growth from a distance (i.e., from another country).

    Personally, I am ok with both and have no bias for one choice or the other (Corruption in India is ingrained from top to bottom and there is no running away from that for the foreseeable future. The faster we get to terms with it, the better for our mental peace. Think of it as a constraint that we all have to work around with and prosper (like typical resource (people and money) constraints in corporate life.).

  2. I am aware of all the facts you have put forth and hence I wrote the last line.

    My dear, you should read better….I was very cautious when I wrote ” I hope we get closer towards ” and not become one at the end of the year.

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