Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai…

Yes, this was the first time I fell in love and it is very different than all that I have experienced since – I fell in love with my baby.

I didn’t think that this love would be any different to the one I have experienced before, but then I was wrong. It is very different to love kids before one has become a parent. As a mother, this feeling is simply – heavenly!

It was very taxing in the initial one month, but as with any new person, this little one and me have learnt to love. It took me sometime to reconcile with the fact that the little one I was carrying for 9 months was the same baby in my hands. The perspective changes and so it takes its time for love to develop.

Into her fourth month now and she keeps me running around her at a continuous pace. A very different phase in life and definitely a never before kind of experience. Cannot generalise, but I felt that fathers fall in love instantly, but with the mother, post the delivery it takes time for her to fall in love with her baby. It is every little action of my little that keeps me mesmerised. It does get taxing at times and I also feeling like taking a break. Babies have their own way of giving moms a break. The proof is in front of you, I am able to write this post now :).

Haan…pehli baar mohabbat ki hai…. and I am loving it 🙂


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