Is Sex Everything in a Relationship?

Recently, I happened to watch this movie called – The Mirror Has Two Faces: directed by Barbara Streisand and also, playing the lead with Jeff Bridges. The crux of the story revolves around two middle-aged people who have not been lucky with relationships in the past. Both are professors at Columbia University – the male, mathematics professor is described as ‘Attractive & Boring‘ where as the lady who is the literature professor is said to be ‘Unattractive & Witty‘. Thus with a paper ad starts their arranged courtship where both like each other’s company and their mutual respect and admiration grows with time.

It is interesting to note that the couple does get married with minimal inclination or want for a sexual life. Gregory has come to believe that sex has nothing to do with relationships and that was one of the primary reasons why his past relationships failed. Rose, married Gregory because she liked him. After all these years of rejection from various supposed loves, she felt that marrying someone she likes, even without love would be fine. Their life together is more like two roommates or friends living together. But human mind/heart wants more from life and Rose is no different – she wants more from her marriage. Frustration reigns supreme and when Gregory goes on a summer teaching trip, Rose tries one last ditch attempt to save her marriage. She decides to get into shape and by the time Gregory returns Rose is at her attractive best and tries to woo Gregory.

Consummate means to complete and I feel this word acquires an all new meaning when used with marriage. Personally, I feel that a life to be led without love is totally meaningless. I for one could never imagine committing myself to someone I had no love or respect or attraction. Yes, attraction is also very important. Compatibility comes from understanding each other better and knowing what your partner needs. But this want to know more about this one person, around whom your life revolves, can only come from love. Physical attraction, I feel helps a lot to make this bond even stronger.

Attraction may not be total and complete at the outset, just like Rose and Gregory’s case, but with time anything is possible. Consummating a marriage is nature’s way of making the lovely bond between a couple more meaningful. Sex is definitely not the only thing in a marriage or a relationship, but it helps a great deal in making one’s relationship a whole lot richer and worthy of your precious time to be spent on that one person. I would want to add that it is not just sex, but sense of touch and belonging is also a part of this game. So, what happened to Rose and Gregory, you might want to watch the movie, it’s not bad at all and very well dealt theme too. But, if you have read this post, am sure you can guess the ending by now.

So, if you are in a relationship, make the most of it – in all ways.


2 thoughts on “Is Sex Everything in a Relationship?

  1. I must say I was intrigued by the title, the article is interesting and want to watch the movie which inspired you to write this.
    Btw its good to have you back again…

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