Bamboo Update

The bamboo plant that we acquired has proved to be quite a task to handle. There are a lot of things about this lovely plant. The nature of bamboo is to grow in undergrowths with hardly any light penetrating from the tall trees all around. We felt that keeping the bamboo under shade would be fine, but then it still seemed to be too much light for it. Finally found a very dark corner and this seems to be suiting it fine.

Another important aspect with bamboo is that one should water it – daily, but with soft water. No hard water or bore water for this dainty lady. This was one main reason for loosing many of the shoots.

It is a high maintanence, but we have managed to keep it going for now. Still sometimes some shoots just start to dry and then rot. One has no alternative but to remove those shoots and it really hurts. If any of you have any better handling tricks with bamboo, please let me know. šŸ™‚

Bamboos are quirky plants and needs loads of love, talking and attention. We still love them šŸ™‚


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