Freedom Writers



Freedom Writers
Freedom Writers



It is not often that one happens to see an excellent movie and Freedom Writers was definitely one. I can rate it among the top 10 I have ever seen.

The story is about a school teacher who at the cost of her personal life spends time, effort and money on her students to improve their lives. These students are part of a reputed public school, because of some recent rules that makes it compulsory to have under-privileged children too. The general attitude of all the other teachers is extremely discouraging. They do not trust these students and do not even give them good books. In fact the whole set of such children are put into one class. These primarily constitute blacks, Asians and other origin children from the lower level of the society. There is considerable animosity among the class members and this is something their teacher deals with beautifully. The story is about how this teacher commits to their development and improvement in their general behavior and grades and makes them realize that they need not die like their friends in their neighbourhood. They need not continue to live in poverty and squalor, but rise above it to be someone important. She shows the importance of graduating and pursuing studies beyond it; instills confidence and pride in each one of them.

Her way of teaching is very unique and different. She encourages them to maintain a diary and write in it daily. Later on these accounts are compiled to be published as Freedom Writers. She introduces the concept of holocaust and relates to their existing lives. Makes them realize the importance of voicing their concern and doing it the right way and finally teaches the “Unteachable” lot.

Hillary Swank plays the role of the young teacher. The director of the movie is Richard LaGravenese and the movie won Humanitas Prize in 2007 under the Feature Film category.

Watch this movie, for its content and strong portrayals and you’ll love it. 


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