Ahead of The PM

For a change today, it was good to see an interesting picture on the front page of the Time of India. Our Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh was standing in line with his wife to cast his vote and ahead of him in the picture were three ordinary denizens, looking most bewildered.

Looking at that picture, it just made me think, as to what would I have said if I were among those three there. Well, for one, after the initial shock, I would have exchanged some pleasantries, enquired upon his health. Well, may be something that one wouldn’t do, but I would have loved to do it, take his autograph. We do take autographs of all those glitzy hollywood/bollywood stars and well the cricketers then why not of this gentlemen who has held so many important positions and is called the father of liberalization?

I still wonder what those three did. Most likely, just kept looking back, with a stren face or a bewildered expression and went about their business. 

What would you have done?


PS: Will try to upload that picture.


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