Clear That Clutter

The ever changing, competitive world expects a professional to be a person who is organized, abreast and in control of everything around him/her. The single most important tool to manage oneself most efficiently is to remove that clutter and simplify.

Staying organized doesn’t take too much of time, if you have taken the first steps towards organizing that desk space or book enclosure or for that matter maintained your files in ordered organized fashion on your computer. With the flooding of information that happens day in and day out, you can never predict when what might be required. To stay organized and to remove what is not required form time to time helps maintain a healthy environment. This concept is also applicable to one’s home space. A clutter free home is much more inviting that one which has objects all around.

I find it impossible to search for an object. Even if it is right in front of my eyes, I sometimes don’t see it – can’t fathom why. So I organize my things and keep the ordering simple. This helps me to go back to the place where I would usually keep things and yes, I find it there.

Simplifying the way you decide to work, without making things cumbersome, can happen only if you learn to organize and then the thoughts and ideas would come in easily. I have never understood why some people dwell only on making things seem so difficult and complex. I think the genius is one who gauges his/her audience and works at that level. Simplicity is one level that would be a hit with any kind of audience.

Effective organizations have realized this and put in processes that make things easy – simplify. But this is not a norm and many find it tough to relate to. I agree that one has to keep revising these processes as they tend to get outdates pretty soon, but if one understands the importance of processes, one would love to enjoy it.  My work at Infosys has taught me to be organized and I have learnt to simplify work over time. If every single person works similarly imagine what we all can achieve.

Simplicity is not easy and most times doesn’t come naturally. Companies tend to grow and complicate things. They add new products in the guise of diversification and after a while do not realize where they are going.Whether it is that dirty closet you have or a department or a company you manage, clearing the clutter from time to time and maintaining simplicity should be the mantra.


2 thoughts on “Clear That Clutter

  1. On the other hand, I can’t find things if they are not in a heap. Neatly organized stuff drives me nuts 🙂 There is a unique kind of joy in solving useless problems 😛

    Simplification has everything to do with clarity of thought and nothing to do with books, papers and ID badges below lot more books and papers 🙂 Ask me.

  2. I am for simplification – it makes life easier – you dont have to spend that extra time to find the car keys, house keys , id card while going to office!!! My better half was so disorganised in the beginning – it annoyed me that i did not know about it before marriage – luckily for me now he is changing – slowly he will get there 😉

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