Two Precious Lives

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Ma is probably the first word most children learn to utter. It is the easiest word or may be it is easy because the mother and child are connected in that very special way that no other relation can compete with it. I would say, I am lucky, because I have two such wonderful relations in my life – my mom, who gave birth to me (Amma) and my other mom with whom I grew up for the better part of my childhood (Mummy).

The interesting part of the whole scenario was that at all times I have had the benefit of both moms in my life, adding different perspectives and caring for me in their own special ways. They both are sisters and married to two brothers and due to a quirk of fate (which I consider to be quite lucky), I got to know both my moms intimately. Though both the ladies are sisters, they are different in many ways and have always added value to my life at every stage.

Amma, who is my biological mother, is an ambitious lady, who instilled in me and my sister to be absolutely fearless and independent. It is because of her that I have independently taken all the major decisions of my life and never had the smallest regret. She is one of the best story tellers I have ever come across and she was the one who introduced me to the world of Jeffrey Archer through ‘As the crow flies’, book. It is not the book that I enjoyed, but it was the ambitious and never say die attitude of the lead characters that has always inspired me to achieve what I want in my life. She is the one who has always listened to the unending dreams/discourses/plans that I have made for myself and in time supported them all.

Mummy on the other hand is a wonderful cook and the person who taught me to be myself. Unknowingly, she taught me the love for cooking good food and to take care of a whole lot of things that are needed to create and maintain a home. Her unconstrained, unbridled way of life has always helped me to do what I please and yet maintain the sanity in my life. Her green fingers were the one that taught me how to love nature and everything in it. To cater to sweet-peas and dahlias in the winter or calendulas and zinnias during spring, it is all her love for the plants and nature that got transpired to me – without even a single spoken word.

If one mom has taught me to look after home, surroundings and its affairs then the other has taught me to face the big bad world with a confidence and optimism that are unshakable. I enjoy the best of both worlds and I am a witness to two precious lives, who have made me what I am today.

Happy Mother’s Day to you both – Amma and Mummy, for always taking care of me and preparing me to be a good mother too.


12 thoughts on “Two Precious Lives

  1. Touching!!! I am away from home and miss my mom..just like yours, my mom has been the greatest inspiration of my life – she is the one who taught me to be independent and encouraged me to reach out for all the things my heart desired for fearlessly…Whatever I am today, I owe it to her…I love you mom….

    P.S: Probably everyone feels the same about their moms…

  2. Awww, this is touching and a moving account of the influence of both your mothers.

    Happy mothers day to you as well and keep writing as beautifully..

  3. So, aap Deewar remake mein act karenge to aapka dialogue kya hoga –

    X: Mere paas gaadi hai, bangla hai, paisa hai – tumhare paas kya hai?

    Manasa: Mere paas Maa-s hai!

    😛 (couldn’t resist!)

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