The Indelible Sign of Democracy – Voter’s Ink

We exercised our franchise and then upon a relaxing day, a talkative set can get into numerous discussions. Chief among which was the composition of the Indelible Voter’s ink. We thought that the civics book of the school days had supplied us with that trivia, but then do have some consideration, it has been many years since we left school, so memory fades.

I remember seeing the index finger smeared with a black ink, but at the voting center, the lady applied a purple colour ink. I thought that there might be some change in colour, due to the excess of ink requirement. But then the colour of the ink changed to black in due course. Though the exact composition of the ink is not out in the open, I assume due to fierce demand and competition, but the basic compound used in Silver Nitrate. If you remember your Chemistry from school, Silver Nitrate was always stored in dark brown bottles, as AgNO3 could react with ultraviolet light and change composition. So coming back to our Indelible Voting ink, it is also transported in darkened bottles, to prevent any composition disruption.

Tentative composition: Distilled Water + Silver Nitrate + Diluted Alcohol and Dye (colour). 

The Voter’s ink or Election Ink is a simple and effective way to ascertain that a person has already cast his/her vote. It is applied on the left-hand index finger at the cuticle and this time onwards slightly extending upwards. It is a semi-permanent ink and remains on the skin from a period of 72 hours up to 30 days also.

An interesting in Business Today about the facts and trivia about one of the leading Election ink manufacturers can be got from this link –



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