There is something sublime in explaining difficult things in a simple manner and I believe it is only possible withvery few people who have done it in the past and I am sure very few, who would be able to do it in future.

An excellent example of such simplicity is:

If you touch a hot stove for 10 seconds it will feel like an hour.

If you sit next to a pretty girl for an hour it will feel like 10 seconds.

That’s relativity!

– Albert Einstein


2 thoughts on “Relativity

  1. Einstein must have said that from his personal experience – a few weeks back I had seen a program on his life – was surprised to see that he was such a genius but his personal life was chaotic. Sorry if I deviated from the topic but had to say this.

    1. @Mitr: A lot of people who are absolute genius in their fields, end up probably distracted from other sectors of their life. I think that could be the reason.

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