Name plate

Setting up a new home involves a lot of things. Small to big, minor details and yes it involves a lot of time and sometimes a lot of money – and it never stops. But then, I love doing it up. I love adding something new and making something specifically for my little nest. 

I think everything that one selects for one’s home, reflects their character and taste. So is the case with a name plate. I want to go in for something that is different. I have certain ideas, but was wondering if you can pitch in and let me know as to where I can find some interesting designs/pieces. 

Comments and suggestions are most welcome.


2 thoughts on “Name plate

  1. Since you seem to like nature (evident from your blg), I suggest you go in for something made of wood – I had seen a name plate in Chennai which was made of wood and the name was done in tiny sea shells – very nice and close to nature. I would personally like to add some dried flowers to it as well. If you are good at art and patient enough, you could make one yourself. This is inexpensive too – gives you a chance to do something new few years later.

    1. @Mitr: I agree with thee. Actually had some wood and glass design in mind, but am looking out for some options too. If I don’t find what I want then I will start making one 🙂
      Thanks for the sea-shells idea. Seems pretty cool.

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