I Cast My Vote :)


My Vote
My Vote - Pic taken by: Sunil Ayalasomayajula

So I exercised my franchise and cast my vote – for the very first time. It is definitely surprising that I have not done it so far. For the last elections, I must confess I never thought that one vote would make any difference, plus had zero awareness. Thanks to the campaigns this year, I got a lot my fundas cleared and I finally did it.

It felt awesome because of two reasons:

  1. I participated in the largest democracy and exercised what is my right and also a duty to my country – first time vote.
  2. I voted for worthy candidates.

Ideally, one should vote for the candidate, but many of us are either unaware of the candiddate or even if we knew, care more for the party at large.  In India, things do move based on the party in power and for many voting for the majority party that they would want to see in power is more important than the candidate in your constituency itself. People have their perspectives and one can’t curtail their right to choice – after all it is a democracy we are talking about. 

I had my doubts upon Loksatta being represented at the Parliament level and was contemplating whether to go for TDP or BJP. The thing is that I feel Mr.Chandrababu Naidu did a lot for A.P than any one else, in recent times. He made Hyderabad visible on the global map and thanks to him, with all the IT boom there was an explosion of not just IT related jobs, but a lot of other people found employment too. For example, cab drivers (one can see Hyd filled with them), cooks, maids, apartment booms and so on. But, this time, I couldn’t get to vote for him, because of his alliance with TRS and Mayawati. If TRS thinks they can only make a difference to Telangana if they have a separate state, I think that’s the biggest blunder. You can make a difference to your motherland, without the need to create a separate state! Just another gimmick to make more money. And coming to Mayawati, well, let me not even pollute my blog with starting to write about her. 

So, I voted for Loksatta party in both the Assembly and Parliament polls and their candidate for Assembly from my constituency was Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan and for the Parliament it was Dr. Rattaiah.

I have had my say and hope that Loksatta wins, at least some seats. 

Hoping for a change – if not today, someday in future.


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