Summer is Here…

April and May are two of the hottest months in Hyderabad. There is no escape and rarely any respite. Over the last few days, even the morning cool breeze that lasted till around 9 A.M, is now becoming warm by 7:30 A.M. But then, I am not here to crib about Hyd weather. 

Folks, one reason for which I am particularly proud to be from Andhra Pradesh is because of the awesome, delicious and simply heavenly Mangoes that this state can produce. With the onset of the hot summer, come the welcoming Mangoes. Bangenpalli (cut mango), Rasalu (pulpy mango, hard to describe, but heavenly to eat) just fill the market yeards. If there was one reason to be back in Andhra in the summer, then it has to be Mango. I hate being away from India, especially in summer, only because of the mangoes. I have eaten the other Indian varieties like the Alphonso, but they are undoubtedly poor cousins. There is no comparision and simply no match.


We got the first batch of the cut mangoes yesterday and they were ultra-yummmmy. Go get your own. Currently, a kilo is proced at Rs.50, one might have to bargain a bit to get the fruit vendor to that cost. 

So, it is once again time for the yummy season of curd-rice and mango to begin!



One thought on “Summer is Here…

  1. Yummy – my mouth is watering just by reading this article. I remember one of our trips on NH-5 when we got a chance to buy mangoes from the orchards – now we make it a point to drive down just for buying mangoes!!!

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