I don’t quite remember as to how did I first come across AWAD – A Word A Day or Wordsmith, but it surely has changed my outlook towards words and transcended my love for them to a new level altogether. 

Wordsmith is a daily newsletter that sends you a word a day. Started by Mr. Anu Garg, it is one of the most enterprising and lovable daily newsletters that one can get. 

The magic of words — that’s what A.Word.A.Day (AWAD) is about.We are a community of more than 700,000 linguaphiles in at least 200 countries. You too can sign up to receive the daily newsletter.

Come, explore the world of words, share, and delight in the joy of words.

The best part of this newsletter is that every week, there is a certain theme and under that one will get to learn 5 new words in that week. I have shifted accounts, but remain subscribed to this wonderful and highly dedicated newsletter. It is a wonder to note that the range of topics never seem to end and the continuity is impeccable. All this, and one gets to learn a new word at the end of it, along with its usage, as provided in an example. 

Added to all this, I love the introductions that are given to each theme. 

One example of the weekly theme : 


Winning even one Nobel Prize is a big deal. Marie Curie received two

(in physics and chemistry). But then hers was a family of high achievers:

her husband, their daughter, and their son-in-law were also Nobel


 Similarly, having one’s name turned into a word in the language is a rare

feat. Yet there are some, both real and fictional characters, who have

accomplished this more than once. This week we feature five such people.

And Marie, well, she too had had two words coined after her: Curie, a unit

of radioactivity, and curium, a radioactive element.

This week’s theme: People who have more than one eponym coined after them

And the words for that week were:

  • ciceronian
  • maudlin
  • hermetic
  • Cadmean victory
  • Pickwickian

To get to know more about the words and to revel in this lovely world of words visit – Wordsmith and subscribe to AWAD.


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