Kitchen Curries

I started out cooking with tons of apprehension and in a way some compulsion. I had put it away for a pretty long time because I believe that necessity is the mother of invention. It has been more than a year now and I have learnt to cook quite a number of things. Over time, they seem to come out pretty good too. 

Similar to any art, I have come to realise that cooking is also an art in itself. It requires precision, patience and lots of love for what you are cooking. It would be lie if I said that the size of the cut vegetables doesn’t alter the taste of the dish. Each recipe will have its own needs and reuirements and following the right measures with a dash of common sense can ensure a reasonably good dish. 

You might think, as to why love is essential for cooking. To excel in anything, one needs some amount of interest and some kind of passion to do one’s best. This interest and pride in one’s own skills and the dish being made adds that extra flavour and taste.  I have seen it that my cooking reflects my mood. If I am disinterested towards my cooking, the dish invariably fails. Added to all this, an encouraging audience is a big bonus and wants one to cook better. 

For people who do not cook or haven’t yet ventured into this field might wonder that dishing out good food could prove to be impossible and takes enormous amount of time. Well, actually not. In spite of showing the right kind of interest, one can cook quickly and in the given time. It is just a matter of time to get used to cooking and there on… the world is at your feet to experiment 🙂


7 thoughts on “Kitchen Curries

  1. Not sure if the world will be at your feet to experiment, but certainly your spouse will be!!!
    I must confess experiments eventually lead to results and discoveries 🙂

  2. not just discoveries….i can suggest MRS LEPSKIE’S KITCHEN ROOM DISASTERS!

  3. I agree when you say love is essential…anything done with love definitely turns out wonderful – even if the outcome is a disaster, the experience counts..It is true that you need an encouraging audience who I feel should be honest as well…Though I am not as skillful as my mom and sisters when it comes to cooking, I am blessed to have a husband who is always willing to eat whatever I dish out but never once does he tell me even if it unpalatable – now that is not something I don’t understand – is it love or just plain acceptance that he has to live with this – he has no choice 😉

  4. @mitr: I think your husband is being supportive in his own way, by not discouraging you or complaining, but then, constructive criticism always helps.
    May be you can let him know that. 🙂

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