Just one of those days…

When traffic in the city, especially the most dreaded stretch betweeen Miyapur and Bowenpally, via JNTU was a relative breeze.

I agree that in most Indian cities, the traffic state is never easy to handle on the weekdays. India similar to its multi-diverse cultural background has extended its trait to her roads too. One would find a cycle, cycle rickshaw, scooter,bike, bus, car (from the smallest to the most expensive brands), lorries (of all sizes) and sometimes added to all this, construction heavy vehicles such as cranes, earth movers, etc.,.Hence, experiencing jams and traffic delays is but a consequence of all this variety. 

The route that I mentioned above is the arterial road that connects two major National Highways that cut through the Hyderabad City. The Nagpur Highway (NH 7) and the Mumbai Highway (NH 9). Added to this, in the last few years, this road is another access area to the IT park in Hyderabad and has since had explosive development in terms of apartments and number of people settling in this belt. But, why should I write a blog for something so obvious, the reason is that there are so many junctions on this road and U-turns included that make driving on pretty wide roads in this stretch particularly tiresome. Similar to most cities in India or rather all, there is a complete lack of discipline and absolute apathy for other people among the people who drive. It appals me to see this attitude where survival is only possible for the fittest or fastest/slimiest. So on this stretch, I made it in 40 minutes flat and I am mighty pleased, as this route takes a minimum of an hour (on a lucky day) or more to cover a distance of 19 kms. Hence, today one can imagine how terribly lucky I was.  

The major traffic woes of this city can be addressed if people follow at least an iota of discipline. I see most people even jumping red signals and a traffic cop is looked at as cartoon figure. If Traffic cops in Delhi are to be feared, then one can implement the same here too. There is a certain amount of discipline, thankfully, in the National capital. If cities outside India are able to manage traffic issues, it is not because they are developed, it is beacause there are set laws and citizens HAVE to abide by them, else pay heavy penalities. I think that fear needs to be inculcated to make our country and city a better place to live in. 

It is a pity that we haven’t yet been able to do it, because our (supposed) leaders are too busy in other activities and the officers who want to make a difference, aren’t allowed to. In spite of the fact that some of the marvels of the western world would have been conceived/implement/created by Indians.

Hoping for a streamlined traffic!


3 thoughts on “Just one of those days…

  1. Tell me about it – the jinxed man – this road gives me the jitters and has taken away half my enthusiasm for driving – every time I take up the wheel, I get stuck at one or the other (or all on the jinxed day) of the numerous junctions/ u turns…

    I can’t see this improving ever, the problem is that this attitude has to be cultivated from a young age and it doesn’t…

  2. I completely agree – traffic in Hyd gives me nightmares and is the topmost on the list of reasons why I dont want to relocate inspite of the fact that I spent most of my childhood in this beautiful city – all my memories seem to fade away when I think of the traffic..Wishing your wish of streamlined traffic comes true and I could come back to Hyderabad someday!!!

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