Ms. Heyer

Well today was truly awesome, because I spent today in a very simple, in expensive and wonderful way. I primarily spent the better part of the day re-reading a book written by one of my favourite authors – Georgette Heyer. It was Frederica.

She is GOD or personification of God herself. If many of you thought, Eric Segal’s Love Story was good, then try books from Georgette Heyer. They have a great plot, a strong heroine, sharp and witty conversations and charming hero to complete the set, with their set of troubles. Her stories are primarily historical romances set in the Regency period and her detail and description is excellent. The detail never gets too much!

I intend to collect each and every book of hers and at some point of time would like to pass them on to my daughter (if I ever have one). 

Some of my all-time favourites:

  • Frederica
  • The Nonesuch
  • Venetia
  • The Sprig Muslin
  • The Unknown Ajax (This is not a romance)
  • The Masqueraders
  • Sylvester

and many more. 

If you enjoy reading classics, then don’t ever miss Georgette Heyer – Each book is simply Sparkling!


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