Writing Fiction – Is it really difficult?

I was contemplating delving into fiction and I must confess that this thought has been around for a long time now. What stops me from writing is that some part of fiction usually is inspired by the author’s personal life. Sometimes I think that an anonymous blog would have helped, but I wonder if that is what I really want to do.

A writer, I feel can never write without thinking what his/her readers might think of the work. It is very difficult to detach oneself from the consequences of having to answer questions or for that matter the mere thought of facing someone you love/value, questioning you upon what was written. I did try being honest in my opinions about a particular relation on my blog and I found that my equations with that person have changed. We did talk about the piece after it was posted, but there was an inherent sense of change in the basic fabric of our relationship.

It is this fear that stops me from trying full blown fiction. But is this something experienced by all writers of fiction or is it simply a trapping in which I find myself bound to?

Opinions and answers are invited. 


4 thoughts on “Writing Fiction – Is it really difficult?

  1. I think writing fiction and isolating yourself from it is not so easy, for one you would have to do a lot of research into the elements of the story and a part of the research might involve putting yourself in the shoes of the character. I feel that the best books/pieces of fiction are those where the author has really taken the interest to delve deep into the story – I can think of a few works of Jeffrey Archer, Robert Ludlum (you tend to think he must have been a CIA agent or something himself) etc. You can always put a disclaimer “The characters in this book/article are all fictitious and there is no resemblance to anyone in real life” if that helps!!!

  2. I feel fiction gives you more freedom to our imagination – you could write about anyone or anything and just added the disclaimer as Sunil says…You could actually get away with a lot 🙂

  3. Writing fiction is akin to driving a car : u never really learn unless u start writing, and stumbling, and being admonished in the process 😉

    As for the relationships part, that’s the baggage blogs carry with them – When u have a blog open for the world to comment, it’s only fair undiluted comments pour in too. So unless you are really sure you want some honest opinions or your piece is polished enough, I suggest you restrict the fiction to MS Word/Notepad.

    And yeah, most fiction IS research-based. Or you make your own references like Tolkein 😉

  4. Thanks folks for generously lending your thoughts on Writing Fiction. Well, I think it is something that one has to try to realise how well/bad one goes on.

    I hope to experiment soon, using the disclaimer, as required 🙂

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