D for …

A number of things/names could start with ‘D’ and I have many lovely people whose names start with the letter D. Unfortanately, I came to hating this poor letter, all because I watched ‘Delhi 6’ as D stood for Disaster.  

The songs are good, editing is pathetic, actors did their best and were good, the story line sucked, promos are excellent, theme was abused and handled horribly. I could simply go on with my rants, but I stop here. In case you wanted to see it, don’t waste your money. I didn’t listen to the forewarnings and thought that if RDB was so good then Mr.Mehra would do justice to this movie. 

Absolutely let down and disappointed. Well, the flip side being, if you really want someone to suffer or you have someone whom you don’t particularly like 🙂 then recommend them to watch Delhi 6.


One thought on “D for …

  1. how about D for Dev.D ??

    controversial, no doubt …
    not family fare, i agree to that too …

    but one of the most refreshing movies i’ve come across in the recent past

    btw, watch Gulaal too. Hard hitting & profane again..but very intense movie.
    Some of the lyrics are ultimate

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