I have always believed that age is just for the people around and may be yes, for getting the next job. My funda remains that each year, each birthday ushers  a new year into our life and with it brings a whole new gamut of experiences and learnings. 

So, this Jan,  I turned 27 and I am quite happy of this fact. I am 27, only this one year and will never be at this age ever again. There are positives and negatives of every age, every year and I am here to enjoy the most of the experiences this year. 26 was excellent and went exactly how I could have hoped 🙂

My mobile messages made me write this post. Well, these days I only get messages from Airtel, Samsung and other such companies. Messages from friends are simply numbered, as we prefer talking, when we have the time, than actually texting. Just made me wonder how things change with age.

Today also happens to be two of my darling cousin brothers’ birthday – So wish you both, Ani and Chetan, a great year ahead guys 🙂

And also, Chandu & Prashant’s Second Wedding Anniversary – WOW – Have fun guys!


3 thoughts on “Age

  1. Belated birthday wishes Manasa 🙂 Wish you a very happy new year too 🙂

    I read all of your posts in wordpress and it was good reading whats happening in your life 🙂

    Enjoy your new career and job !! 🙂 Im very happy you found what you wanted to do and currently doing it !! 🙂

  2. Manasa though we haven’t met, I still feel we would get along just fine…You have such a wonderful attitude to life….I hope you stay this way always bringing happiness all around you to the people you know and to strangers like me…have a wonderful and life ahead….

  3. @Mitr: Thanks for taking time to read and I appreciate your comments!
    I am glad you like what I write and wish you best in what you do.
    Do keep coming back for more.

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