It has been a long time since I went ahead and used I.E or the famous Microsoft Internet Explorer. I.E was the first browser I ever used and back then it took me time to understand what a browser did or how it should work. When I used it recently, it was more of a compulsion, as one of the links I used opened automatically in I.E.

There is simply one word for the whole experience – deplorable!

I.E stinks and a lot at that. Every single second there is a pop up about something or the other – mind you not site pop-ups, but I.E pop-ups. It is simply painful to use it.

Long time ago, I had shifted to Mozilla Firefox and found it much faster and far better than I.E at any rate. The automatic video download add-ons etc, make Mozilla extremely good. Personally, I would use it any day.

But what has taken me completely off my feet is Google’s Chrome. Yes, it is worth every KB of download šŸ™‚ I love the no-nonsense, clutter free interface. Also as Google’s search is something I simply live on, it absolutely convenient to simply type the search requirement in the address bar.

Recently, my sister introduced Chrome to my dad. He is an out and out engineer and all this while tried his hand on ‘hard’ technology and these days he has dedicated to the softer side of technology. Having shifted him from Yahoo to GMAIL and then adding Chrome to his kitty bag, he seems a happy man.

I know, Google should pay me some money for all this advertising ;), but the fact remains that it is:
1) Google’s ease of use
2) Free access
That I feel have won my heart. šŸ™‚

PS: I have been a sloth at posting, I think I figured out a way to get rid of this. Hence, some more post should be on your way.


One thought on “Chrome

  1. You didn’t try out IE 8, did you? Well, you should – way wayy better than others.

    Also, Opera is much better than Chrome – although with Google brainpower, it can surpass Opera very fast.

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