Last Day

After working for 5 years,  finally decided to quit Infosys. One of the most respectable companies of our times and a great place. Politics and frustrations are a part of any job, but all in all it was a great experience. It has been sometime since I wanted to make this move and when I finally did it, strangely I had no feelings. Only when I returned by ID card, did I feel a slight tinge somewhere in my heart. I suppose change, good or bad imposed or self-made, is tough to handle, till one gets used to it.

So what I wrote as a parting mail.. or rather as a Change Over is as follows. The mail summarises the essence of my Infy experience.

Dear Friends,

I started my professional career with Infosys on 17th November, 2003 and now a month short of 5 years, 17th October,2008, I have decide to make a change. I am taking up a career as a Corporate Trainer in the Soft Skills arena and hope to make a mark in this field.

My experience with Infy has been a mixed bag, with both ups and downs and I have enjoyed the ride all through. There have been times when I felt I should run away from here and also times when I have enjoyed it to the hilt. On-site experiences, late night slogging, bench periods, each phase has taught me something valuable.

Coming to all the Infoscions I met here, my mentors who have helped me make a mark for myself, different shades of people with whom I have worked and also so many friends and acquaintances who made Infy complete for me, thanks a lot for being there.

I believe that this shift is a minor change and I hope to stay in touch with you all, always.


Manasa Pamaraju.

PS: I was informed that this ID would be deleted on 17th Oct, 2008 by 5:15 PM. Kindly redirect your replies to my personal ID after 5:15 PM 🙂

Being a human, I enjoyed all the replies and lovely response I got from a number of my friends and colleagues.


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