It is such a sad thing, but in spite of the supposed liberalization of women (in the cities and to an extent in villages), men continue to behave cheap. Some of them at work do not look into the eye and have the audacity to have a roving eye even when you talk to them. It is a kind of harassment that is very difficult to be pinned down and punished. There are also many sexist who live wearing the garb of modernity, but do not respect a woman. There inherent bias and their intolerance to a woman’s opinion are highly abhorrent.

A big Yuck to all these perverts and sexists. To all women out there, please don’t even care about such elements with worthless existence. And kudos to all those men who do not discriminate and are human in their behavior to women.

This post has been in the offing for a long time and just now another such incident of cheap behavior wanted me to express my abhorrence.


One thought on “Yuck!

  1. I completely agree with you lady !! I
    Such people need to be ignored whoever they are and women should never consider this as a barrier in what they do.

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