Are matches made in Heaven?

Yes! Even now matches are made in heaven, but the way these matches are brought about on planet earth has changed drastically. My own marriage has come about through one of the famous marriage portals and then our romance took off on the office email and culminated on the office chat. It was incidental that we both are from the same company for so many years and didn’t realize each other’s existence.

That brings me to the next big platform of marriage alliances – Corporates. The new Indian corporate setup has seen a huge influx of young men and women in their early to late twenties who spend majority of their time at work. More often than not, many find their life-partners. My training batch from Infosys has produced four Company Couples to its credit and the numbers of many more pairs among my other acquaintances, as I have known, have simply grown since then.

What probably makes the cupid aim the arrow is the day-to-day proximity and accessibility. With a continuous interaction and a life so constrained which demands 12 hour days, work-place is the best option to find your life-partner. I suppose the rapport and the comfort that develops over time also makes people complaisant to look elsewhere, because in marriage, tried and tested seems one of the main reasons many long-lasting pairs go all the way up to tying the know. They do not wish to take risks and realize that a known devil is better than an unknown one. I know, this might be a cynical attitude, and there are many who do it because they truly have found their true love. But, the possibility of compromises is not to be ruled out.

So, with matches made in heaven and executed through internet or the corporate world, trust me, it is good to find that special person and yes, worth the effort, if you haven’t found one as yet.

Happy living 🙂


One thought on “Are matches made in Heaven?

  1. I married my best friend who happens to work with me. We share everything and are literally together all the time and that makes my world more colorful, adventurous and beautiful – our world starts and ends with each other – what more can I ask for!!!

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