One of the most beautiful expressions, gifted to the mankind, is the art of communication; written, spoken or even the art of listening to another person (which often is not acknowledged enough as part of communication) form the crux for it.

I love the written word and can communicate best in this medium. The proof of this is this blog where I pour out all my thoughts and experiences. Fortunately enough, I found my life-partner also through the written word. Being a quiet person, I prefer to talk a lot only to a select set of people, I am most comfortable with. I realized that listening also is an art that is very important and is essential. Effective listening is required in doing some of the most basic things in life to maintaining some of the most complex relations. One needs to listen carefully to the directions being given by a person; else one will get completely lost. A person needs to listen carefully in his or her day to day communication at work in order to take an order or even when responding to requests.

Listening also forms the crux in any relation. To be able to listen to another person, to his/her feelings and understanding their background/perspective is very important. Many of the misconceptions and misunderstandings would never come up, if one took enough time to understand and listen. Most of the time, one is clouded by their own thoughts and their situation and troubles that listening effectively to the other person’s perspective is lost. The end result of all this is that the two people involved in the argument or conversation end up feeling lost or hurt or misunderstood and many other negative feelings. Probably each one of us has been in such a situation many a times, either at work or at home with a loved one.

It is very difficult at that moment to think with a clear head and to try and understand the other person’s situation. If one is able to achieve this, then least of all one could be at peace. Trying to make the other person change or to make them see our way is tough and not always possible. The most common belief remains that ‘I can change a person’.  The sooner one comes to terms with this and tries not to change another person and not try controlling another person; life will suddenly be a much beautiful place.

The ability to let go, to listen and to enjoy life is a personal thing and highly achievable. I love myself and hence, I am doing this. 🙂

Keep smiling!


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