Finally, after a number of trips and a lot of searching and an even more trips to the bank, we are today the proud owners of a home! It may be a small thing for many, but it is our first home and I am very proud of it. 

A comfortable three bedroom apartment, with the builder putting in some kind of thought into some of the facilities (for a change), I liked it the moment I saw it.  I loved the size of balconies that are attached to two of our bedrooms and also the provision for walk-in closets. My hubs does pull my leg for falling for this feature, but I think it is a useful one. I wish my kitchen was a tad bit larger and there still are a number of features that I want to change. Having been a party to two of the houses constructed by my parents, I realise that there always is and will be a scope for improvement. But, I can cope with all of it for now, because it is finally our home. As a capricorn, this sense of security is something I find it very hard to put into words, it can only be felt. 

I think that a house attains the status of a home with its people and we can’t wait to make it a home. 😀


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