Jaago Re!

Jaago Re!

This campaign caught my eye on television and I instantly loved the concept. Just some days prior to seeing this ad, I was asking my folks as to how could I get myself registered for voting. Yes, it is quite a sad thing that I haven’t done it so far. Parlty because, I wasn’t in town whenever these registrations happened this time and the last time, for some inexplicable reason I missed it. 

I personally feel that it is very important for each and every person to vote and Tata Tea supported Jaago Re campaign supports this. I was wondering as to how or rather where should I go to get my vote registered, when I decided to check out this site. I received a PDF with the required form filled out  with my details entered earlier and most importantly the contact person and his address where I need to drop off the registration. As a registered member one receives regular updates of the progress of your application and a lot of other details.

If you have not registered, then do it NOW!

Do not think that one vote will not make a difference. Every vote counts and with a billion people voting, we can decide our destiny.



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