It all just seems a little while ago when I got into my engineering and sometime then participating for the very first time in the IEEE SNIST Technical Paper Presentation contest as volunteer. I wanted to enroll as a member, but was told that the first years or freshmen are too green to join.

We had to wait a whole year or in our case next 8 months to be able to join as an IEEE student member. There was thing โ€˜enthuโ€™ and excitement in life to do something big and to make the best of a technical forum like this seemed the best way. Well, wait, am I not sounding as though I am writing my SOP or some such thing? But let me confess, one of the very strong reasons to join the IEEE chapter in college was because I had a crush on my seniors. I assumed that he would be in that chapter too. Also, I fell for another senior of ours who happened to come to our class to motivate us to join the chapter. In retrospect, I think crushes do help, sometimes ;). Thus started my journey with the college IEEE chapter.

This story can never be complete without the mention of some of my friends during college life; Kiran, Chandu, Rajeev and Lee. The fact remains that without them, the chapter would never have been as enjoyable as it was. I know you are dying to know, but I did enjoy my time with the good looking senior..well I mostly spent time just looking at him. Never really had the guts to go up and tell him that I had a major crush on him ;). Such student bodies provide a great synergy among the students from different years that being an active member of such an organization makes those boring college days absolutely lovable to remember.

The third of engineering saw some major work done by us for the annual chapter paper presentations. We worked with our immediate seniors and juniors and made a whole lot of great friends. One of the key members of the then exec council was the primary pushing factor to have me present a paper that year and I won a first prize for it. I still remember the hot afternoon outside LH4 (one of the classrooms) where Chandu came to me with the results and told me that I got the first prize among all under one of the categories. Well, I didnโ€™t believe her at all. But then it was one of the most memorable moments and am glad that Nirish, my senior pushed me and Chandu was the one who told me about the results. And yes, Kiran was the one who changed my slides and Chandu, Rajeev and Lee were there among the audience.

All through the three years with the chapter, we bunked classes and got attendance, coz obviously we were part of the IEEE chapter. No prof could say no ;). Made absolute use of this and escaped from some of the most boring lectures. Our interaction with our juniors around this time led to a wonderful final year of engineering. Adorable team of juniors: Kash, Preeti, Sowji, Sameera, Hari..and many others (pl pardon me for not mentioning all the names, but I mean to ๐Ÿ™‚ ) It was in our final year of engineering, 2002 โ€“ 2003 that we decided to give our annual paper presentation contest a name. There were a number of contenders but Kash suggested a Latin word โ€“ ADASTRA means โ€˜To the starsโ€™. We all loved it. It was this year that our whimsical principal honโ€™ble Mr. Sri Narsimha Reddy Garu was not available and Prof P.S.R Murty, the head of our Electrical dept was in charge. He was a very encouraging person and pushed us to find a good name for the contest. He approved of ADASTRA and for the first time that year in Feb of 2003, we held the event. Rajeev was the President (or the COSTaaN of the IEEE Assoc ;)), Chandu was the vice-president, Kiran the treasurer and myself, Lee, Nischal and Karthik were part of the exec council or the active members.

Our modest beginning : The first site

Link to ADASTRA now

Some other related links:

Some pictures of ADASTRA 07 :

The event is something that I would remember forever. There was a sense of achievement that defined our college days. After many years I happen to visit the site that now belongs to SreeNidhi Students’ IEEE – ADASTRA. It brought back all the memories rushing to me. We were so proud to have a T-shirt with ADASTRA printed on it. To raise those funds was a herculean task and now when I see the event that took place recently, I see things like Robo soccer demonstrations and business plan competitions. Highly Nostalgic and makes me feel very proud of it all.

To the best years of my life in engineering ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “Adastra

  1. Yep! all those fund-raising (and hair-raising!) days of Adastra and the nail-biting tensions of the administration – had gr8 fun!!

    Well written!

    And what is with these business plan competitions? As far as I know, SNST is still an Engg college and not a Mgmt one – taking the spirit of Adastra too far I guess!

  2. @Kiran: Gracias!!! Loved writing this post.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well, there is some mgmt school in SNIST is what I last heard, probably its because of that. I just saw it in the pictures, was surprised myself.

  3. Thanks for the memory refresh ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best 3 years of my life !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Probably the only time i actually looked forward to waking up at ridiculously early hrs :D, in order to receive the delegates and take thm to their accomodation and stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

    No matter whr Adastra goes from hereon in, it’ll always be our baby .. we gave it wings :D.

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