White world!

Weather is one of the most common topics that two strangers or people who have very less in common sought to. Well, all said and done one can always comment upon it. When Dad asks one to contact a distant cousin or family or friend, it is the easiest and more or less unwritten and yet customary to pry on general topics, weather being the favourite.

I did mention in one of my previous posts about how one remains forever obsessed with knowing what is in store and how is weather going to over the weekend, the next one week and so on and so forth. Mind you this only happens when we are out of India or broadly speaking – the tropics. Having lived in the tropics for all these years of my breathing life, I found the transition to these harsh climes of North America pretty welcoming. I was pretty geared for the fall and the winter that followed. This was the first time I would ever see snow and the prospect of it can excite anyone. It is now the end of February, the temperatures have been around 20-30F during daytime. Another snow fall today, just sent me to my wits end. The lack of Sunshine for days together depresses me.


White Car

There were times when I prayed to the Sun God to show some respite. 40C temperatures and dry heat was taxing, but now even to see the sun it takes many days. There is some sense of gloom associated with drowsiness and lethargy. Googled to find out that these kind of things are common in this season. Winter blues or in some advanced case termed as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): Winter Depression. There are some interesting things listed to fight them. Check out the sites below to know more about the scientific aspects of it and way to fight the blues.

SAD: http://www.ncpamd.com/seasonal.htm

Winter Blues : http://thyroid.about.com/od/relatedconditions1/a/winterblues.htm

The optimist in me nudges to look at the advantages to all this. Well, if one is married, winters can be interesting and cozy 😉 . I went for skiing and enjoyed it immensely. It sure is a great exercise; also, an undivided amount of time to read books and catch up watching fav movies. It is a time to cook some garam-garam samosas and many such.

The powdery snow has its own beauty and to make a snow-man with it is always nice. All in all, however depressing and constrained one may feel at times, the sublime purity of being engulfed in pure white is yet another God’s divine creations worth the experience.

It’s a white world out there, enjoy it.



White world -1

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