To the “New” life!

Sitting here in this hotel room if there is one thing that I realise it is this – If there is anything that’s permanent then it is’ Change’.

There is a sudden change in my being, my life, my relationships how I used to look at them and how I see them now. I am at the beginning of a completely new chapter in my life that once started would never ever come back to where I am today. Strangely, I have no complaints against it either. I suppose somewhere down inside there was this want for things to change, to start this new chapter.

I love my life!


One thought on “To the “New” life!

  1. Take one day at a time. Life IS change, there is no thrill in life without change. People love you where ever you are.Remember you means You two from now on.Far across the globe, miles from where you two live, there are people who worry about you wondering you should be happy, safe, always..enjoy the fall, welcome the fresh snow..

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